Angela L. Patti, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Ketchum Hall 204
Office: (716) 878-5429

About Angela Patti, associate professor

Angela L. Patti, PhD, joined the Exceptional Education Department in the fall of 2012. She has over 10 years of prior experience working in public schools in a variety of roles including special education teacher and committee on special education (CSE) chairperson.

Dr. Patti’s professional interests include evidence-based academic and behavioral strategies for students with high-incidence disabilities; meaningful family and student involvement in special education systems; and effective preparation of general and special educators for working with students with disabilities.  Dr. Patti frequently presents at local, state, and national conferences and enjoys mentoring teacher candidate research.


  • Ph.D. Special Education, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • M.Ed. Special Education, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
  • B.S. Education, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
  • Applied Learning Fellowship, SUNY Buffalo State, 2018-2019
  • SUNY Buffalo State’s President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2017
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fellowship, SUNY Buffalo State, 2015
  • The Anne Frank Project Faculty Fellowship, SUNY Buffalo State, 2013-2014
  • EXE 362: Behavior Management
  • EXE 371: Foundations of Teaching Children with Disabilities
  • EDU 380/580: International Professional Development Schools Study Abroad and Service Learning in Chile
  • EXE 501: Educational Assessment Techniques for Special Education
  • EXE 502: Contingency Management



  • High-leverage practices
  • Effective teacher preparation in special education
  • Co-teaching practices
  • Classroom management and positive behavior support systems
  • Educational needs in rural settings



  • Associate Chairperson of Undergraduate Programs, Exceptional Education Department, SUNY Buffalo State, 2018-present
  • College Senator, SUNY Buffalo State, 2017-present
  • Co-Director, International Professional Development Schools Chile Program, SUNY Buffalo State, 2014-present
  • Advisory Council Member, International Professional Development Schools (IPDS) Consortium, SUNY Buffalo State, 2014-present
  • Advisory Council Member, Professional Development Schools Consortium (PDS) and Teacher Education Unit Professional Advisory Council, SUNY Buffalo State, 2013-present
  • Faculty Co-Advisor of Student Council for Exceptional Children, SUNY Buffalo State, 2012-present



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Maheady, L., Patti, A. L., & Rafferty, L., & del Prado Hill, P. (2019).  School-university partnerships: One institution’s efforts to integrate and support teacher use of high leverage practices. Remedial and Special Education, 40(6), 356-364.
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  • Patti, A. L. (2015).  Back to the basics: Practical tips for IEP writing. Intervention in School and Clinic, 51(3), 151-156.

Book Chapters

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