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After Graduation

The exceptional education bachelor of science in education program is a dual-certification program for teachers of special education and childhood education. Students must complete 140-155 credits to graduate, compared with 123 credit hours in most other programs.

Graduates are recommended for New York State initial certification in two specialties: childhood special education, which focuses on educating learners who have special needs, and childhood education. Graduates must meet all the requirements to receive initial certification to teach in New York State.

Graduates of exception education master of science in education programs are employed in every state in the nation and in many foreign countries in a variety of special education positions: preschool, elementary, junior/senior high school, and bilingual teachers; administrators in schools and other settings; and college/university instructors and administrators. They may work in inclusion settings, resource rooms, self contained classrooms, residential settings, or special schools or in regular education settings as consultant teachers.


Who’s Hiring?

Bachelor of science in education graduates typically obtain positions as teachers in resource rooms, self-contained classrooms, inclusive classrooms, special schools, and residential facilities or as consultant teachers in standard education settings. Students are well qualified to work with students with special needs in inclusive education settings.

Graduates are employed throughout the United States and in many foreign countries as special education teachers in preschools, elementary schools, and junior and senior high schools. With further credentials, graduates are also employed as administrators in schools and as college professors.

Recent graduates of exceptional education master of science in education programs have been hired by school districts in Buffalo and Western New York; across New York and the United States; and at institutions such as United Cerebral Palsy, Gateway-Longview, Baker Victory Services, Stanley G. Falk School, and the Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center.

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Exceptional Education

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